Architectural Signage

Architectural signage is the meeting point between architecture and graphic design

Distinctive, creative, informative and holistic sign designs, created to meet the needs of the environment and its users. GB Signs is the place where design creativity and manufacturing ability unite, to bring your signage to life.

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A well designed wayfinding scheme enhances people’s experience of a building, and plays a vital role in enabling accessibility for people with physical or visual impairment.

(Please take a look at our Wayfinding and Braille/Tactile  signage solutions for further information.)

Professional architectural signage:

• brings brand recognition into the built environment.
• clearly identifies building and location identities.
• provides landmark clarity to the boundary and gives a sense of arrival.
• provides simple, clear navigation to all users.
• delivers the right information, to the right people, at the right time.


GB Signs work with architects, designers and construction companies, taking a collaborative approach to delivery of architectural signage projects.

Our goal is to ensure every project runs smoothly from concept to completion and to fully understand the brief, achieve all objectives, meet every deadline and leave our clients with expectations exceeded.

Every project is unique. Each development has a unique architectural vision and every built environment has its own set of functional, informative and branding objectives.

Taking architectural design intent, brand objectives and on-the-ground practicalities, turning them into realistic, deliverable, efficient and effective signage solutions no matter how complex the brief – this is what makes us so successful in delivering effective signage solutions for our clients.


Our technical and graphic designers understand manufacturing possibilities and our combined experience, creativity, attention to detail and production capability allow us to create signage systems that are both beyond the norm and genuinely deliverable.

Our approach to professional pre-project architectural signage services includes:

Audits / Assessments

Architectural and Branding Aesthetics
Operational requirements
Pedestrian Routes and Footfall
Practical and accessibility issues

Strategy Development

Signage strategy proposals
Functional sign types
Design objectives

Sign Schedule Development

Key decision points and primary signage locations
Sign location and positioning / orientation plan
Content for each sign position


If you would like to discuss how we can help you to improve your architectural signage then please contact us  for further information.

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