Folded Trays

Concealed Fixings & Clean Lines

Folded tray signs are ideal for adding colour, branding and information to building fascias. They can be made to size from small to large scale, or to fit into a particular space ie. for a shop frontage. Due to their hidden fixings , our Folded trays have a sleek and contemporary appearance with clean lines , maximising the space used for advertising or displaying information.

Here are some of our Folded Trays…..

Manufacturing Details

The metal sheets are cut on a router at our onsite factory, the corners are then notched and the sides folded using a press brake machine. The corners are welded and dressed by one of our qualified technicians and then passed on to our paint shop to be powder coated or stove enamelled.

The text, logos and information can either be screen printed directly on to the front of the tray sign, individual built up and flat cut letters can be attached to the face or  for illumination purposes the text can first be fret cut out of the metal sheet  and acrylic later placed behind the tray and internal illumination added. Our premium range includes push-through acrylic lettering and logos, which involves cnc routing the face of the folded tray and using the same vector file we would fret cut acrylic letters and they are pushed through the face of the tray sign. This option is available in illuminated and non illuminated.

We are capable of manufacturing varying sizes of folded trays in different materials such as composite aluminium, aluminium , stainless steel and other metals.

Minimum return depth: 10mm

Maximum width in one piece: 3980mm with 10mm return (dependent upon the return size and material)

Larger sizes available in multiple sections.


If you would like to read some further information on past projects that have included folded tray signs, then please click on one of our following case studies:

Churchtown Primary School

University of Salford

Edge Hill University

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We supply Folded Tray signs across Manchester, Cheshire, Lancashire and the whole of UK