Traditional & Contemporary Designs.

The most easily recognised form of directional signage, fingerposts are alternatively referred to as a guidepost, fingerposts have been widely used in the UK since the 1740s when turnpike trusts were encouraged to mark every mile.

Whether you are looking for a traditional “Victoriana” style, or a striking modern sign with dramatic visual impact, we have a range of fingerpost signs to offer the ideal solution.
We offer a variety of fingerpost systems, both traditional and contemporary, to create a versatile directional signing solution that will appeal to everyone.

Fingerposts are available with either extruded aluminium posts or step-tapered steel.  Posts can be plain or fluted, and a range of cast-aluminium collars and base embellishments are available.  Posts can be further embellished with finials, caps and crown-panels.

Our fingerpost signs are manufactured and constructed at our onsite factory, using a combination of traditional and state of the art methods, to  produce signage of the highest quality. We have a range of materials, post and panel shape, finishes and text application available for your selection.

Fingerpost Materials :  Aluminium , Timber , Steel/ Stainless steel

Fingerpost Posts:  Square section or round (plain or fluted) all posts are supplied with post caps or finials.

Fingerpost PanelsSquare, round or chevron ended.

Fingerpost Finishes : Powder coated or stove enamelled finished.

Fingerpost Text & Graphics:  Engraved, screen printed,  digitally printed or applied vinyl

Please take a look at our Liverpool University case study, read about  how fingerpost signs are an essential  part of a comprehensive signage overhaul. Helping students, staff and visitors to navigate their way around campus independently.

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We supply Fingerpost Signs and individual lettering across Manchester, Cheshire, Lancashire and the whole of UK