Banners, Flags and Hoardings

Utilising every available space to display your marketing message.

Banners are an effective way of catching the attention of passers-by, utilising outdoor spaces they can transform a post or blank wall into a valuable advertising space. Ideal for advertising your brand, upcoming events, or a marketing message.

Banners and flags are a cost effective signage solution that add colour and imagery to otherwise dead space. Due to their design, the fixings are easily updated with new banners and flags were you to have new information to display.

 Here are some examples of our banners………

We have a variety of banner products available:

Commercial Flagpoles

Display your company logo or a design of your choice in full colour on a digitally printed polyester flag.

Standard Sizes Available:
– 6metre , 8metre, 10metre,  12metre

– Our commercial flagpoles are manufactured from heavy duty glass fibre. For locations that are particularly windy and at a high altitude we would suggest a heavy duty flagpole. Theses can withstand winds up to 100mph (un flagged) or 40mph (while flagged).

– Available with either external or internal rope systems. Internal rope systems are ideal for flagpoles that will be located in a public area. Accessed by a small key locked door , internal rope systems prevent vandalism of the rope and flag. External rope systems are appropriate for private property.

-Feather Flags

Lightweight , portable and easy to assemble, our range of feather flags come in a selection  of shapes and sizes, including rectangular, teardrops and blades with sizes ranging from 2.2metres up to 5.2 metres. Feather flags move in the breeze, which helps to capture the attention of those passing by, increasing your brand marketing.

Feather flag bases can be used on a variety of surfaces and we have bases available to suit all terrain, including concrete, water-filled, cross and ground spike bases.

-Lamp Post Banners

Lamp post banners are ideal for targeting the marketing of  your event, product or attracting the attention of passers-by travelling on foot, by car or public transport. Effortlessly viewed due to their high position, the 650gram PVC banners can be easily updated and are designed to withstand winds of up to 100mph.

-Café Barriers

Café barriers are a multifunctional product that allow you to zone off areas, such as eating and drinking areas whilst simultaneously advertising your brand. They are used for displaying company logos, information or advertising an upcoming event.

Easy to assemble and available in the following materials:

Available in the following  sizes:  1.2metres , 1.5metres and 1.8metres.


We have a variety of hoarding systems and options available.

-Existing hoarding can be updated by digitally printing your company logo or information on to aluminium composite and our installation team would then fix the aluminium composite panels directly on to your existing hoarding.

-We have both reusable and recyclable hoarding panels available which have both environmental and economical benefits. We can digitally print your design to the panels, install and then remove the panels once your contract is complete. We also have storage facilities to store your panels until they are needed for the next project.

-We can print your design directly on to standard plywood hoarding panels.

We have a qualified in-house installation team that are equipped to fit banners, flags, and hoardings etc, to lampposts, building fascias and high rise building exteriors. If you would like to read more about our previous banner projects then please click here for our Banners, Banners, Banners blog post.

For further information on any of our banner, flag and hoarding products then please do not hesitate to contact us.

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