It`s not just about showing you the way…

13 Oct, 2016

Primary and secondary school signs, Manchester, Stockport, LeedsWith the new term well on its way students across the country will be finding their feet in their new schools, colleges and universities. Many of which will be relying on the directional signage to help them get to the right place at the right time.

But signage isn’t just about showing people the way. Signage says a lot about the individual educational establishment. Signage doesn`t stop with purely a list of classrooms.

The type of signage used can confidently and attractively create a positive environment both within the building and around the exterior, choose from a wealth of different products to produce interest and design interest.

Signage is the perfect medium to convey information, popular areas are areas where there is high traffic such as reception areas, along corridors and outside lifts. Information regarding the history of the school, the area, or about previous pupils are just a few examples of such.

Promoting the brand of your school across the signage provides continuity and enhances the preferred image of the school. Our designers can apply existing brand guidelines to a single sign, or develop a complete sign family for branding and wayfinding rollouts.

We seek to fully understand the needs of every project we approach. We combine the knowledge gained with the experience of our team, to deliver school signage solutions that exceed expectations.

Whether you are looking to update existing signage or add new signs to incorporate branding and informational content, we can help.