Street Nameplates

Direct manufacturer of street nameplates to Local Authorities, Building Contractors and the Sign Trade.

Die pressed (embossed) and polycarbonate street nameplates are manufactured in-house, using traditional and modern technologies, by a team of sign professionals benefiting from over 80 years experience.

We hold a large database of UK council specifications, and manufacture nameplates to meet adopted standards.

We also offer a bespoke service to manufacture specials and custom-designed signs for individual schemes.

Here are some of our Street Nameplates



Die Pressed (Embossed)

Traditional die-pressed street nameplates are virtually indestructible. Manufactured in aluminium, the lettering is embossed into the metal to give a raised 3D effect.

The plates are stove enamelled to colour and vanguard overlacquered for additional protection.

Die pressed signs are available in Kindersley and MOT, in uppercase only.


These street nameplates have a polycarbonate face  which is laminated to a sturdy aluminium backplate.  The text is applied to the back of the sign face and is encapsulated within the product.  This is a highly vandal-resistant street sign.

Polycarbonate is an impact resistant, clear-as-glass material. The text applied to the rear may be screen-printed or applied plot-cut cast vinyl. This method allows any style/font to be used, making it ideal for private schemes looking for a more contemporary or unusual design.

Posts, Frames & Supports

Supports are manufactured to almost every specification within the UK, including:

– Recycled plastic posts and backboards
– Galvanised angle or box-section steel posts and frames
– Grey plastic coated mild-steel posts

Crests, Logos and Symbols

– High-quality print
– Digitally-printed or screen printed
– Graphic design reproduction service available


In addition to street nameplates, GB Signs ltd produce a wide range of street scene, wayfinding and environmental signage for urban and public spaces, including:-

– Fingerposts
– Maps
– Interpretation boards
– Lecterns
– Waymarking discs and signs
– Display cases
– Navigation sign schemes
– Dog fouling & control signs

We supply Street Nameplates across Manchester, Cheshire, Lancashire and the whole of UK

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