Toilet Signs

Offering a wide range of washroom, restroom and toilet signs

Help direct your visitors to the toilet facilities with ease using our clear concise informative toilet signs.

Toilet and changing facilities are a necessity in all venues, therefore clear signage to direct your clients, visitors, staff or students should not be overlooked. As part of your internal wayfinding system, effective toilet, washroom and restroom signage will direct your visitors effortlessly. We have a range of products and systems to suit any style of building – whether you would like  functional and simple toilet signs or something more contemporary and design led please contact us to discuss your requirements.

We are also able to apply Braille and Tactile features to nearly all of our sign systems  and can make bespoke signs to suit any building and premises.

Here are some examples of our Toilet signs


Our toilet signs are available in a variety of modular sign systems, such as Modular Sign Systems (MSS) ,Vista Insert System, Spandex Slatz System; these sign systems are produced in a number of colours . This ensures that your toilet and washroom signs are consistent with any existing modular signage you may have. A number of materials for traditional and bespoke signs are available such as brushed aluminium, acrylic, stainless steel and digitally printed vinyl. Whether you would like a traditional washroom sign or something more colourful and contemporary, we will be able to provide the appropriate sign for you.

If you would like to help make your space more user friendly for your visitors then please contact us  for further information.


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