The Farley Collection

An exciting new range of sleek and versatile monolith signs.

A collection of tall, slender totem signs providing a high degree of versatility in wayfinding signage.   The design boasts a seemless fabrication with no visible fixings, giving you a high quality finish with the benefit of added vandal resistance.

The design incorporates branding and information content into a sleek and robust sign, with options available for internal or external use.  The signs can be highlighted with internal illumination.

The collection of monolith signs are particularly suited to site directional signs, maps and building entrance identity.


The Farley Collection Gallery

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Technical Details


– Mild steel subframe with aluminium face panels.

The Farley Collection signs have a sturdy internal framework.  The framework is made in mild steel and galvanized.

An alternative light-weight options using an aluminium framework is available for low-vandalism environments.

The panels, insets and kick plate are all manufactured from aluminium.


– Painted to any BS/RAL colours (other colours can be mixed)

We use high quality stoving enamels, available in a wide range of colours and stoved at precise and controlled temperatures for a clean and long lasting finish.

We hold a wide range of standard colours in stock, and can also mix colours to match your brand identity.


– Silk screen printed
– Plot-cut applied vinyl
– Applied digital print
– Fret-cut lettering and logoshapes

The Farley Collection is a versatile sign range, demanding versatile graphic options.   Text and graphics can be reproduced in a variety of ways, to suit the particular application of the sign.

Silk screen printed text uses high quality stoving inks and may be Vanguard overlacquered for additional protection.

Plot cut text/icons use quality cast vinyls, which are precision cut using  high-speed digital cutting technology.

Digitally printed graphics – including logos, crests, maps and more – are faithfully reproduced on a high quality Eco-solvent digital vinyl printer.   Digitally printed content is overlaminated for additional protection.

Fret-cut lettering may be backed with push-through acrylic and may be faced with either steel, painted aluminium or cast-vinyls.  This is suitable for internal halo illumination.

Added Features:

– Built-up or flat-cut individual lettering
– Individual panels on stand off fixings
– Modular system components
– Lockable display cases

The Farley Range is capable of accepting a range of added features to meet particular needs.


These signs can be internally illuminated using either LEDs or Lightsheet.

Illumination may be provided to fret-cut text/shapes and as feature illumination to the inset shadow-band.


– Extended legs
– Caged foundation

Farley Collection signs are installed via extended legs or using a caged foundation.  The choice of installation method is subject to sign size, wind loading and structural calculations.

Freestanding internal options are also available.


An Interesting Bit of Trivia

The Name “Farley Collection” was chosen by our staff. The name honours our senior fabricator, who has put a lot of work into the creation of The Farley Collection. He also happens to be tall and slim.