The Importance Of Interior Wayfinding!

15 Apr, 2015

Interior wayfinding is a more than just a sign with an arrow, pointing somebody in the direction they need to go. It is made up of a number of signage products that work together cohesively to provide a complete and effective package.

More obvious forms of signage would include room signs, floor directories and maps. However, to ensure that your staff, visitors and students are able to navigate the building independently and efficiently there are a number of other indicators that can be used, such as;
-Colour coded signage to differentiate between different floors, areas or zones.
Digitally printed wall, floor and window graphics.
LED & digital signs and maps.
Floor mats to indicate different zones.
-Banners, flags and partitioning.

It requires a great deal of thought and an understanding of the building, also of those who will be navigating the building. For example, wayfinding solutions that are ideal for a primary school are unlikely to be appropriate for an office building. Young children benefit from a lot of imagery and colour if they are not yet able to read, whereas office signage will need to be discreet and compliment the company branding. We have trained professionals that will visit your site and complete a comprehensive site survey and discuss your building with you and how you would like to utilise wayfinding to improve independent navigation of the premises. Public spaces such as hospitals, libraries and airports etc should always try to incorporate braille, tactile and audio elements throughout their premises to assist those with vision and hearing impairments.

If you are interested in further reading about interior wayfinding and how it can improve the experience for  both staff and visitors of your premises then please click here for our Interior Wayfinding page.

If you would like to speak to us about our wayfinding products then do not hesitate to contact us.

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