New Belt Oven Installation is set to Increase Productivity

28 Nov, 2017

GB Sign Solution’s headquarters welcomed a new addition to their Manchester factory, in the form of a new belt oven.

The belt oven was commissioned to be custom manufactured, with the purpose of significantly boosting the throughput of high volume stove enamelled signage, including rail plates and street nameplates.

GB Sign Solutions have seen a large increase in demand for die-pressed signage in the past two years, particularly in the area of rail trackside signage. Rail infrastructure and safety investment projects have resulting in the commissioning of several new plates through GB Signs, the leading producer of die-pressed signage in the UK, with demand increasing by tens of thousands of signs.
The investment in this new belt oven will ensure that we can maintain our excellent service levels whilst significantly increasing capacity.

Conveyor belt ovens increase throughput by baking the enamelled signs on a continuous rolling conveyor, rather than waiting for an oven to be filled to bake on a batch basis.

Jonathan Keep, PFI Group Projects Director, says “This investment will make a significant positive impact on lead times for high volume small sign plates, while releasing capacity for our larger and bespoke signs.”

This increased throughput will allow us to react more efficiently to customer’s emergency requirements, offer expedited lead times for volume plate orders and maintain the high service levels on which we have earned our high reputation.

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