Limelight: Health and Well-being Hub

06 Mar, 2018

GB Sign Solutions is immensely proud to support the development of the health and well-being hub, Limelight. Based within Old Trafford, this impressive organisation brings together fantastic facilities and vital community services all under one roof, aimed at making a real difference to the lives of local people by providing a space for the community to socialise, learn and grow.

GB’s involvement, which began with the provision of door signs, has since grown exponentially to cover every sign installed, both interior and exterior as well as temporary and permanent.
The signage provided covered a vast array of amenities and services such as, the café/restaurant, a multi-faith room, opticians, GP service, pharmacy, a hairdressers and an adult and children’s library.


A large amount of care and consideration went into the signage of Limelight by Project Sales Consultant, Sue Podmore; “I was so impressed with Limelight’s vision that the chance to be a part of its creation was an exciting opportunity”

One of the core services is the provision of Extra Care housing for over 55’s. The scheme provides care for those diagnosed with Dementia as well as care for the elderly, whilst allowing them to retain their independence. The beauty of this means that the elderly are able to socialise and interact with the rest of the community, ensuring that they do not feel the isolation that many do once they require care.

We worked closely with the client to produce dementia signage that was completely compliant with Stirling, which included a uniform style for both the font and pictograms. These signs meet the criteria for all within the facility.


In order to create a degree of privacy for the Hairdressers and the Children’s nursery, Contravision was proposed by our Project Sales Consultant. This was incorporated into the existing plan for window graphics, ensuring that whilst Limelight’s logo and design were included, the recipients enjoyed those services in privacy.

Work will continue at Limelight for another month. GB are proud to support the creation of such a useful and essential service to the people of Old Trafford.