Exterior sign confusion!

28 Oct, 2015

confusingsignHave you ever visited a new area for the first time and relied solely on the exterior signage to arrive at your destination? Things seemed to be going so well until the signs seem to stop!

When we are visiting an unfamiliar place we need to be directed right up to our final desired destination. It is not always obvious to visitors who may be tired, pressurised, or anxious. Exterior signage needs to be clear and concise for the ease of the viewer.

No one wants potential clients or visitors to abandon their visit due to frustrations regarding directional signage!

When was the last time you assessed your exterior signage from a third party point of view? Badly planned signage, missing or damaged signs, ambiguous signage? Sometimes we are too familiar with our own surroundings and do not see things as others do! This is why we offer a complete signage audit service to ensure your exterior signage is working for you.

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