Back to Uni….?

22 Sep, 2015

Keele UniversityThousands of families across the country will be saying farewell to their young people and helping them embark on the next stage of their lives – yes it`s the beginning of the new University term!

Whether you are returning for a subsequent year, have previously attended an open day, or are arriving for the first time it can be overwhelming navigating the campus. Finding your accommodation, where to register, somewhere to park to unload the vast quantity of paraphernalia you have inevitably brought with you can be stressful. And remember you won’t be alone! There will be numerous other people doing the same thing!

Signage is something most people take for granted and don’t always give it a second thought but in order for signage to fulfil its role a clear understanding of the branding and wayfinding strategies, and the place of signage within those strategies, needs to be had.

We have worked with a number of further & higher education establishments providing signage services both internally and externally nationwide. It is highly likely you will be looking for information contained on a sign from Green brothers to show you the most efficient way of delivering your young person to their destination!

By designing and implementing a comprehensive range of signs and products specifically for each project, we ensure effective signage. Brand identity is kept consistently throughout the whole of each campus, both externally and internally, to provide visitors with clear and concise direction.

We wish we could count eyes on signs over the next few months, not only will our signs be invaluable to parents delivering their offspring but to the students and visitors navigating around unfamiliar territory!

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We wish all students, whether embarking on further education for the first time or returning for their 2nd/3rd year, a successful and exciting time over the coming year.