Prestons of Bolton

Prestons of Bolton

The Stores

Prestons of Bolton have earned themselves the title ‘Diamond Centre of the North’ and have become one of the most famous jewellery stores in the United Kingdom. Their flagship Bolton store has been a local landmark since 1869 and they boast two further luxury stores in Leeds and Wilmslow.

Having previously completed external signage for their flagship store in Bolton, we were contacted by Prestons of Bolton in the early summer of 2014. They required two new Rolex signs to be installed at their Bolton store and two further signs at their Wilmslow store.

The key element to this project was to maintain the highest quality manufacturing and installation methods at all times, this was to ensure that the completed signage successfully represented the luxury brands of Prestons of Bolton, Patek Philippe, and Rolex.

The Solution

We visited the stores to meet with the clients and to complete full site surveys. The Rolex signs were to be installed on the roof top, either side of the store’s iconic clock tower. As the signs were advertising luxury watch makers Rolex, we were given specific manufacturing stipulations to adhere to; the materials, acrylics, colours and LEDs used to manufacture the signs all had to meet the exact specifications approved by Rolex. This is to guarantee that all of their signage is uniform and of the same highest quality in whichever country they are advertising.

The Rolex signs were produced at our in-house manufacturing facilities, constructed from stainless steel back trays that are powder coated in the precise green colour synonymous

with Rolex, an acrylic face in the exact same green is then adhered to the steel back tray ensuring that the overall finish is seamless. These are then face illuminated only with the approved LEDs and the same process was used to create the yellow Rolex crown.

Our qualified installation team then installed the high level signs and fixed them to the steel supporting frame, of which we had given the specification details to the frame manufacturer.

The signs for the Wilmslow store were to be of the same superior quality but a different material. The Patek Philippe and Prestons signage were to be built up individual lettering; premium manufactured polished gold titanium and halo illuminated.

Although these signs were not to be installed on a rooftop, they were to be fixed to a marble fascia, marble is an expensive material and our installation team took every care to ensure that the marble was not damaged throughout the installation process.

They were meticulous with their work, making sure that the wiring for the halo illumination was concealed behind each of the individual letters and that each letter was fixed using hidden stand-off locaters.

The completed signs are seamless and of a superior quality worthy of the brands that they are representing.

The Result

We continue to speak with Prestons of Bolton and as a result of the recently completed projects; we are currently discussing the signage for their new store in Guildford.

Built Up & Individual Lettering

Illuminated Signs

Bespoke Signs

Prestons of Bolton

Rolex - Bespoke Face Illuminated Signage.