Flooring UK

Flooring UK.

The Retailer

Flooring UK is a family run company supplying flooring throughout the UK, with stores in both Southport and Warrington.
In July 2014, Flooring UK contacted Green Brothers Signs Ltd as they had recently acquired their Warrington store, they required external signage that would fully establish their presence and replace any prior owners branding on the building. The client wished to utilise their existing brand identity and project it through the signage on the building’s main elevation. They required six large external signs and a main entrance sign, preferably to be installed within the month.

The Signage

We visited the site to complete a full technical survey, we assessed the best method in which to fix the large Flexface signs to the cladding and evaluate our access requirements for our installation crew’s equipment.

Flooring UK provided the imagery to be used, and we proposed that the signs be constructed from aluminium trays with applied cast vinyl for long lasting properties. Flexface signs were to be used for the 6 large images; these were to be illuminated and would provide night time advertising opportunities for the client. They also provide the flexibility to change the Flexface digitally printed skins to update their marketing messages as and when required. LED’s were used for the illumination; these are more cost effective for the client than the old method of fluorescent tubes, providing a saving to the client overtime.

Additional fixings brackets were fabricated in-house, to ensure full support of the large Flexface signs when mounted to the cladding. The large folded aluminium tray entrance sign was manufactured at our factory in one piece, this did however present us with a challenge when it came to installation due to the weight of the unit. We overcame this by completing the installation with two teams of two men.

We successfully manufactured and installed the signs within the month as requested.

Folded Tray Signs

Flooring UK

6 Large Flex-Faced Signs plus Aluminium Folded Tray.