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University of Chester- Thornton Science Park

The Campus

In February 2014 , GB Sign Solutions ltd were awarded the tender by The University of Chester to begin work on the external signage and wayfinding solutions for Thornton Science Park.

The site had recently been acquired by The University of Chester, having previously been owned by the energy and petrochemical company Shell UK. This development has created the opportunity for the University to utilise a brand new site, with the Science Park providing 22 ‘incubator spaces’ for young and developing enterprises. Businesses in the environment, engineering, advanced manufacturing and automotive sectors will benefit from specialist on-site facilities and accommodation, and larger firms and multinationals will also be offered a range of commercial options at the site.

The Solution

The Initial objective was to rebrand all existing signage on site, in order to quickly establish the presence of the University and to lose the Shell branding. Previous to the tender, the university had chosen a local design agency to produce an appropriate colour scheme and design for the signage.

All buildings on campus were to be re-named, and the University Council decided to use popular Cheshire town names such as Elton, Tarvin and Arley. The external wall-mounted signs were designed by GB Sign Solutions ltd, alongside the local design agency, and these are placed at each entrance area – 45 in total.

There were 18 existing monoliths that required changing to the new University of Chester brand. Instead of discarding these, we suggested that a new aluminium skin should be applied to the front & back of each monolith, including the new design and rebrand. This meant that the original framework could be kept, mutually reducing cost and waste material, both of which were important factors to the university. It was decided that the main entrance signage would be installed using LED illumination; this creates a dramatic effect as you arrive at the site.

All signs are of a high quality design and construction – aimed at delivering a clear brand identity within a sleek sign product, whilst retaining the robust construction demanded by the University environment.

 The Result

GB Sign solutions have worked closely with the estate’s development team to deliver a cost effective solution to the rebranding project, while generating a high profile & eye catching range of products. The combination of the colour scheme and high quality signage reflects the aspirations of this new site as part of the existing University of Chester campus.

The Future

We have since installed the entire car parking signage and are now embarking on the internal directories and door signs to improve the internal wayfinding throughout the Campus.

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