University of Salford signage solution

University of Salford

The Campus

The University of Salford is an ambitious university whose city-centre based campus is at the heart of a £650m local regeneration scheme.

The university had two key drivers demanding a campus-wide re-signage project: the recent high-profile rebranding exercise, and a significant estate investment programme.

The university needed a holistic signage package to deliver the university’s new brand-identity along with consistent and effective wayfinding and information provision.

The project requirements included:-

– Replace all building name signs

– Install New building directional signage

– Replace post & panel information boards with new monoliths

– Replace all Car Park Signs

– Replace all Finger Posts Signs

The Solution

We worked closely with the University; having completed a site survey we then submitted drawings for approval.

Wayfinding around campus is provided by a series of curved-profile monolith signs, each displaying the new branding and directional information in a robust structure. These monolith signs also incorporate a strong coloured return-edge colour to further integrate with the corporate style.

Fingerpost signage at key junctions and hubs reused the existing fingerpost structures. These were removed and taken to GB Signage Solutions’ factory for repainting and reworking with new details, prior to reinstallation on site. This method maximised the value of the project.

The Result

Building Signs

Building identity and directional functions were provided via wall-mounted signage.

A series of folded tray signs, 500 x 500mm, with hidden fixings incorporate the university’s new branding with the building identity, on a stove-enamelled sign.

Directional signs are similarly styled: 500mm wide stove-enamelled signs at depths to suit the location, giving clear directional information.

Car Park Signs

The university did not have any corporate car park signing on campus. GB Signs’ design team created a design template to complement the rest of the new family of signs, which was approved by the university. These car park signs were sited across eight car park entrances.

 “Thanks so much for all your hard work and commitment over the past however many months!

You and the team at GB Signs have really been brilliant and we really appreciate it as everything around the campuses is looking fantastic!”

Sarah McAleny, Head of Corporate Marketing ,University of Salford

The Future

As a result of the work completed on this project, GB Sign Solutions ltd have been retained as the preferred signage supplier to The University of Salford .

Further work to increase the number of directional monoliths on the new campus areas and refurbishing the Sports Hall signage have been commissioned.

If you would like further information on the signs products used at the University of Salford then please see below.

Monolith Signs

Folded Tray Signs

Individual & Built Up Letters


University of Salford

Monolith with coloured return-edge .