Macclesfield Learning Zone

Macclesfield Learning Zone / Macclesfield College

The Campus

Macclesfield Learning Zone is a partnership between local High Schools, Park Lane Special School and Macclesfield College, which is transforming education and training in the Cheshire town. The Learning Zone has a new state-of-the-art learning campus providing modern, world-class education and training facilities, which seamlessly integrates educational services for all Learning Zone students.

The open-plan campus offers industry-standard training facilities including the European Centre for Aerospace Training (ECAT), the Pure Hair and Beauty Salon, the Silk Room Restaurant, the sports hall and fitness centre and a number of specialist art and design studios.

 The Solution

GB Signage solutions ltd worked in partnership with design, construction and project management agencies to implement a cohesive signage strategy for Cheshire’s collaborative educational development, Macclesfield Learning Zone.

The signage strategy was produced by GB signs to integrate the wayfinding and informative functions with the new corporate identity developed by creative design agency Stealth Communications.

The external signage is based around our Monroe sign family, whose contemporary appeal compliments the Learning Zone’s identity. 3m tall monoliths identify the main entrance to the Learning Zone, followed by a series of directional monolith signs, each with reflective directional and informative text detail, directing people from the main entrance and pedestrian entrances to the Zone’s various facilities.

The Macclesfield College, LZ6 Sixth Form College, Macclesfield High School and the Sports Centre buildings are identified using individual letters. Built-up stainless steel letters are used for the College and High School, with the College sign mounted to a fabricated framework suspended within the entrance rotunda, and the High School letters being illuminated using a slimline trough light fixture. A large, intricately fabricated built-up logo at the high school has also been installed, and is illuminated by low-voltage LEDs to provide a halo illumination effect. The LZ6 letters and large 3.5m logo are fret-cut and painted, with the finished sign giving the appearance that it is an integral part of the building façade.

Internal signage at the High School co-ordinates with the external signs, using black text on a silver panel with quadrant sidetrack framing, and tactile and Braille signs with custom graphic panels are to be installed at Park Lane Special School.

The Result

With timescales tight, the manufacture and installation of the signage needed to be carefully scheduled. Implementation of the project involved liaison and co-ordination between several parties, including construction and electrical contractors, design, architectural, project management agencies, three end clients and Cheshire County Council.

In the end, the signage was installed with minimum disruption to academic life. The resulting signage at the Learning Zone is attractive and robust, creating a cohesive identity across the Zone while clearly identifying each facility and directing seamlessly around the site, fulfilling all the objectives of the project, and satisfying all partners involved.

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Macclesfiled Learning Zone

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