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University of Liverpool

The Campus

The University of Liverpool campus is spread over 100 acres, including both beautiful historic buildings alongside ultra –modern institutes, teaching laboratories and halls of residence.

The University of Liverpool needed to replace their wayfinding and building signage to ensure consistent use of the corporate brand across the city-centre campus.

The project required high-quality signage to be installed against strict schedules, and the University demanded a supplier who would implement the project professionally and reliably, whilst maximising the achievable value of the project.

The University issued a tender for the project to the NEUPC Corporate Signs and Signage framework suppliers, taking advantage of the framework’s supplier pre-qualification and leveraging the scale economies of the contract to achieve best possible value.

 The Solution

GB signage Solutions td were awarded the contract to deliver the project. Our team of signage professionals have many years experience delivering FE/HE projects, coupled with experience and understanding of the University’s expectations.

The project’s implementation was in three phases– North, South and Central Campus – involving the installation of fingerposts, totem map signs and updated branding on building identity signs.

The primary priority of the project was to update the campus wayfinding signage. GB Signs have installed a series of custom fabricated totem and wall-mounted signs containing digitally-printed campus maps and departmental directories, supported by multi-finger directional fingerposts and post-mounted external directional signs.

Totem and map signs have lockable display cases recessed within the sign. The colours are stove-enamelled and Vanguard-overlacquered for additional protection, with the colours and keylines continuing around the recessed side returns.   There are no visible seams or fixings.

Post-mounted signs have folded panels collar-mounted onto painted posts with machined caps, with screen printed logos and building identity and applied vinyl directional information.

Fingerpost signs use a high-quality system utilising stainless steel posts and collars with aluminium fingers, with applied vinyl directional details.

 The Result

The University have eliminated all non-brand compliant elements from the campus’ wayfinding signage. The new signs support the University’s brand identity across the campus, helping to provide a consistent campus experience within the complex and varied city-centre environment

The Future

Further work involving updating brand identity on individual buildings is on-going. Green Brothers Signs’ are working closely with the University to deliver excellence within the university’s signage scheme.

The university intends to establish a framework agreement with GB Signs Ltd, covering the provision of new ad-hoc signage, modification of existing signage and the maintenance/repair of all of the campus signage. this will ensure that the university enjoys a consistently high quality signage provision and professional support.

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