Edge Hill University signage solution

Edge Hill University

The Campus

Edge Hill University’s stunning 160 acre campus has benefitted from a multi-million pound estate development plan, which aims to provide a visually inspiring and sustainable environment.

The project demanded an overhaul of campus wayfinding, and signage would play a significant role in the delivery of the new strategy.

The client requested that the signage and wayfinding solutions were to be clear and efficient; quantities were to be kept to a minimum. This was to ensure that the overall effect was minimal and uncluttered. The university needed the signage package to support their objectives for delivering a visually inspiring campus and a sense of identity.

The Solution

Working with the University and their architects, we reviewed the necessary elements of the wayfinding strategy and client aspirations, in conjunction with site surveys and client liaison.

This fed into the development of a flexible signage family that is highly efficient in enabling easy navigation of the campus, building identity and the University’s branding.

The signs have a sleek and contemporary styling, comprising of a series of slimline monolith signs and wall signs with discrete fixings.

The Result


Primary wayfinding is provided by a range of monolith signs, directing users around campus from boundary to building destination.

The signs incorporate branding and information content into a sleek and robust design. Colour-coded banding is incorporated into the design, linking in with other wayfinding strategy elements.

Colour-coding was a fundamental element of the wayfinding design. Colours were utilised in both the campus maps and signage to differentiate between the Western, Central and Eastern campuses.

The range includes:

– A slimline map monolith: complete with high quality digitally-printed map and key detail.

– Pole monoliths: quad-sided slimline totems delivering complex wayfinding content at key junctions and hubs.

– Building monoliths: slimline monoliths identifying building locations and functions.

Wall Signs

Two types of wall-mounted signage were installed for buildings and entrance:

– Folded tray signs: slimline folded trays with hidden fixings used for identifying entrances and appropriate buildings.

– Residence Building Plaques: clear acrylic signs with reverse applied digitally-printed building identity content, mounted to residential buildings using stylish stand-off fixings.

Edge Hill University now has an easily navigable campus with a signage aesthetic that perfectly complements their award-winning campus environment.

The Future

The University has continued its excellent relationship with GB Sign Solutions ltd, acquiring further signage in safety, security, car parking and other additional works.


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Edge Hill University

Bespoke Monolith -colour coded wayfinding.